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Great dissection there, friend.

The layers of lies are epic for the longevity and the scale.

Even worse, those lies have helped Trojan through a bioweapon that bares no resemblance to even the theory of what a jab should do. And it landed in ~5B deltoids, often many times.

The C19 jabs act as an 'infection' in every way that matters. Supercharged in fact.

Then add in the DNA plasmid/SV40 angle. And the LNP toxicity. And. And. And.

Somehow, we need to tear it all down.




If we get a second chance, that is.

Alas, the odds of that are not great.


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Edward Jenner came from Berkeley, Gloucestershire. The people there must be Berks. Therefore Jenner is a well known Berk. This should have been a warning signal.

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