Brava, Rachel.

The good news is that the Atlantic wouldn't be publishing such weasel-words if the COVID Slave Ship hadn't started sinking. (Of course, it's rats, not weasels, that flee sinking ships, but let me mix my metaphors.) And, going forward, we must be as stern toward those collaborators as you say we should be. We can _forgive_ them; but they still must pay for what they've done, or it will only end up happening again.

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"Yeah, I know every anti-scamdemic substack is doing one of these but you’re getting another one from me anyway." And thank you for doing such a good job of it! We can't have too many (or even enough) articles calling out this arrogant, entitled twit for the totalitarian pharma shill she is.

I'm not gloating over being right. My feelings are anger, frustration and deep sorrow at how unwilling most of the people around me are to admit it (yes, I live in dark sapphire hell).

One of the many enraging things about this piece, which would be cringeworthy if she and her ilk had even an iota of self-awareness, but as she doesn't is just contemptible, is the implied assumption that this is all over. It is far from over.

College students are still being forced to take injections that could seriously injure or kill them, children in many states will be forced to risk their lives and health to go to school, doctors and "health" departments are still pressuring parents to inject this poison into their children and babies (!), many people are still required to get jabbed to keep their jobs or get work, in my building, we are still officially required to wear masks anywhere outside our apartments and those of us who don't are treated with glares (since apparently management is no longer allowed to send us threatening letters and impose fines). Yesterday I was screamed at in a public park, accused of being a wack job who had killed hundreds of millions of people, for politely and quietly suggesting that people should have a right to make informed decisions about what goes into their bodies, and no one around seemed to think there was anything odd about that.

No, it's way, way too early to ask for amnesty. Even if the abuse were over, there is still accountability to be had, contrite apologies to be given, restitution to be made, and appropriate penalties to be paid before any forgiveness is in order.

Amnesty is just a fancy way of asking to get off scot free.

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mic drop. you nailed it. thanks

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We’ve made her into a couple memes. Have some memes, distribute freely.


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We can't forget or forgive, for the latter not until they are disempowered to the point they can't harm a butterfly, let alone a beagle or a human baby.

Not until they have been tried, convicted, and punished for their multiplicity of crimes.

Not until their criminal pandemic laws and 'health powers' are dismembered and turned to ashes, until our people are freed.

Not until this psychopathic genie is back in its box, and the agents along with it.

The attack is still underway. We are still under attack.

The screws are being turned.

We are so far from having to consider the 'after'.

There may not be one if they have their way.

Standby for the next switch-up in psyops programming, the next distraction. This, now, is a distraction while worse measures are slid through the halls of power.


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With many of the songs I write I try and put them in the voice of the persecutors so all can appreciate the full ramifications of their thought processes. Two such examples:

The people graduate “with honors” at mass conformity Sheeple University. Watch the hit music video on Youtube; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPt5jtIMqnQ&t=3s

Don’t think they’re not still trying to get this done. Welcome to internment camps for the unvaccinated. Watch THE COMMANDANT on Youtube:


Watch all Turfseer's music videos at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szPvXq8UXGU&list=PLvrDA-UtzN9zSEsaUJ5mvG-zfekakATKJ

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Bloody brilliant.

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The 'amnesty' matter is introduced by dishonest people. And than it is always very important to look at the message they aren't saying but which will reach the readers automatically, and in this way it will last better than any other form of indoctrination and also very welcome to deceiving and lying people is that everything that is not explicitly said, can be changed afterwards when needed.

I guess the amnesty matter at least services nowadays goals of pro covid vaxxgovernments and WHO who is looking for money and or global totalitarian power.

So what they are saying is, we learned all from this pandemic to globally generate the most adequate life-saving reactions to the numerous deadly threaths they dishonestly suggested in other messages.

And they are also saying all what went wrong is not their fault, they had to learn. And they suggest that they were allowed to make the mistakes they made 1 because everybody else would make them too and 2 they are not responsible because they didn't know.

And...if you don't give us all power, but 'start again' with another organisation, numerous people will die and horrorly useless damagedly measures will be taken again..

Of course this is all evil nonsense, but for covidians and covidiots it works perfectly!

And, if you think just a bit longer for a minute.... you probably knew that:

'asking for amnesty' is something bad people never would do.

In fact: they killed(!) people while knowing better, for instance they knew that no proof existed the new vaccines weren't harmful because of the well known absence of research in time.

And...if they really did know better now, and did so healty minded?? No way they would ask for amnesty, but brought up instead compensational measures to enlighten the suffering for the victims they made, brought up financial solutions etc and apologized while crying, instead of asking even more of their victims for their own sakes.

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Yep, fuck them.

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