Welcome to Cassandra’s Box, independent media and commentary from the cursed prophetess of Troy.

The current main purpose of this website is exposure of the vaccination fraud being perpetuated in society by governments, media and Big Pharma. I started questioning vaccination in 2020 with the lies about Covid-19 (the main topics of older articles on this page, started in late 2020) and became fully anti vaccine in 2022. I am personally vaccination injured from childhood vaccines, most likely the Urabe strain MMR vaccine (see here for further information on Urabe) and I believe my current purpose in this world is to advocate for vaccination abolition. In the archives there are articles about multiple other topics, but many of them no longer hold much of my interest in terms of writing.

I do not know whether humanity can be saved from its current state and I do not expect to have any influence over such insanity. I am merely chronicling the destruction of society by medical hubris, in the hope that at some point it will prove useful. I do not know whether it can ever prove useful to humanity or whether it will be useful on some sort of higher level, but one has to do something before one dies. I no longer advocate any sort of alternative system since I do not know what kind of system can actually work (in terms of being actually sane and not devolving into an authoritarian nightmare).

See also Mark Crispin Miller's website, where I contribute to the 'In Memoriam of those who Died Suddenly' project.

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Independent Media and Commentary from the Cursed Prophetess of Troy


Cassandra's Box

Vaccination abolitionist chronicling the destruction of society by medical hubris. Contributor to Mark Crispin Miller's 'Died Suddenly' project. Childhood vaccine injured.